Why Shaker Detox?
 What makes us special is that we are not just delivering juice to you. 
We are proud to present to you the Shaker Detox as a full comprehensive program that gives your body a break from bad habits,
harmful foods, and a jump start to get active & healthy.
Why Shaker Detox?
 What makes us stands out is that we are not just delivering juice,
 we are representing to you a full comprehensive program that consist of a 3 day Detox juice, meals & workouts recommendations!

What makes The Shaker special is that we are thrilled to give you enjoy of high quality drinks in terms of unique taste and fresh ingredients that have been carefully prepared in our fully sterilized kitchens to ensure the quality of what we offer you. We at The Shaker aim to make your events beautiful and unforgettable memories.


Allow us to provide you with the khalati program to express our gratitude to our loyal customers.

The Shaker

Started as a simple idea by a group of ambitious young men. Throughout the different stages of their childhood, juice and cold drinks had always been very much a part of their happy memories. Based on these memorable experiences they sought out to create a Brand that symbolizes “The Good Old Days”, a reflection of what was once a constant through life’s Happy Moments. The simple idea was to be a source for the future generations happy memories and moments, from this core value “Happiness” the first branch of The Shaker was established in June of 2013. Today, The Shaker experience can be found in several different locations, all to provide you a thirst quenching memorable experience.



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